Biographical information on Sensei Bradley Wells

​Sensei Wells Current Focus:

For the past ten years, my emphasis has been on the development of youth and adult martial arts programs at the community level. Research and writing on the subject of the arts, personal development and their place in society.

Mission:  To provide high quality martial arts instruction for our communities.  To address the varying needs of students, and instructors in Karate-do, Goshin Jitsu, and Tai Chi.  To provide for the self defense and health needs of participants.  To develop character, citizenship, and foster personal growth.

Over Forty years training in a variety of styles.  Formal training began in 1967 with Judo and Jujitsu. Thirty years teaching experience in not for profit and commercial settings including seven years teaching university physical education courses.

Rank of Rokyu Dan, Renshi (sixth degree, polished instructor) Karate-Do.

Black belt ranking in five styles:  Shin Nagare Karate, Shorin Ryu, Shotokan, Tae Kwon Do and Wado Ryu. 


Personal student of the late Master Larry Williams,(Hanshi, Midori Yama Budoka) Independence, MO. 1987 through 2008.

 Additional training and study with, among others, Hanshi Patrick McCarthy (workshop training), Dr. Martin Verhoeven (formerly known as Hung Chow, Buddhist monk, Kuan Ping Tai Chi, direct student 1992-95), John Artemick (mid-80s).

​Youth training with jujitsu instructor Coach Griffin (mid-70s).

Beginning in the early 70s youth training boxing and wrestling and jujitsu with nationally famous Boys town NebraskaCoach Kenneth Corcoran (Mr. Corcoran was sensei Wells is maternal grandfather, and was a protégé of the famous Irish Catholic priest Father Flanagan)


Education and Administrative experience. Bachelor of Integrated Studies from Murray state University Mr. Wells wrote his senior thesis research  in therapeutic recreation and the blending of western psychological and scientific study with the Eastern martial arts. The paper was later published in the International Ryukyu Karate Research Society Journal fourth quarter Journal 2008 Patrick McCarthy, editor under the title of Shuhari, Bubishi, and Contemporary Psychology:  Common Foundations and a Framework for the Future

​Appointed State representative for Wisconsin and South Carolina, USA  by Hanshi Barry president of the World Budokai Uyamau Federation.

Founded Union County (KY) YMCA karate program late 80s. Founded Shin Gi Tai Dojo of Wisconsin in 1999, and Shin Gi Tai South Carolina in 2011.   


Served as Interim instructor for UW-Whitewater martial arts club.  Advised on writing of new constitution and overhaul of club programming. 

Created and taught for-credit course in Tai Chi and developed and taught self-defense program for Upward Bound students.  For seven years, taught Tai Chi for MATC, which culminated in an independent study credit program.

As a student, founded Murray State University karate club.  Served as its president, drafted constitution, and subsequently served on board of directors.


Competition experience. Coached four national champions, over a half dozen top ten finishes at the national level (Diamonds Nationals, and A.K.A. Grand Nationals). More than a dozen gold medalists at the state of Wisconsin Badger State Championships, and the numerous bronze and silver medalists at the state level from 2000 thru 2010 (both full-time dojo students and private students from other dojos.) 

While studying at Murray State University, was a member of the Kentucky State AAU team in kata and kumite.  Served as captain and student coach of Murray State International Karate Club competition team mid 80s.

​ Non lethal defense training in Aggression Control Techniques system, received State of Florida certification in 1986.  Self defense training designed to de-escalate aggressive situations in maximum security juvenile detention facility